Baghouse Filter Bag

Baghouse Filter Bag

  • Steel plant, Energy

  • Woodworking, Paper industry

  • Chemical, Foundry

  • Cement, Pharmaceutical

  • Custom size and style bags

  • Highest filter efficiency

  • Excellent air breathability

  • Longest filter life


Baghouse filter bag has appropriate pores, which can ensure the smooth passage of air and prevent fine dust from entering the inside of the dust bag. Once the fine dust enters the inside of the dust bag, it cannot be removed, thus affecting the breathability of the dust filter bag. the resistance to dust collector will also increase accordingly. In severe cases, the dust collector can’t work any longer.

The fiber diameter of the filter bag must be fine and has good density. Although the cost of this filter cloth is high, they can ensure reliable performance and offer a long service life. There are filter materials that have coatings on the surface of filter bags, or special processes are applied to the surface to address the problems during the fierce wording conditions.



Filter Media Characters

Fiber Type Working Temp. Abrasion Energy Absorb Filtration Property Moist Heat Alkaline Mineral Acids Cost
Polypropylene 77 ℃ Excellent Good Good Excellent Excellent Excellent $
Polyester 135℃ Excellent Excellent Excellent Poor Fair Fair $
Acrylic 130℃ Good Good Good Excellent Fair Good $$
Fiberglass 260℃ Fair Fair Fair Excellent Fair Poor $$$
Aramid 204℃ Excellent Good Excellent Good Good Fair $$$$
Ryton (Rrocon) 190℃ Good Good Good Good Excellent Excellent $$$$$
P84 260℃ Fair Good Excellent Good Fair Good $$$$$$
PTFE 260℃ Good Good Fair Excellent Excellent Excellent $$$$$$$

Bag Finish and Purpose

Finish Type Finish Purpose Available
Singe Improved dust cake release Polyester, Polypropylene, Acrylic, Ryton, P84 felts
Glaze/Eggshell Provide short-term improvement of cake release Polyester, Polypropylene felts
Glaze/Eggshell Provide short-term improvement of cake release Polyester, Polypropylene felts
Silicone Initial dust cake development and limited water repellency Polyester felts and woven
Flame Retardant Retards combustibity Polyester, Polypropylene felts and woven
Acrylic Coatings Improved filtration efficiency and cake release Polyester and Acrylic felts
PTFE Penetrating Finishing Improved water and oil repellency; Limited cake release Aramid felts

Filter Bag Testing