Cellulose Filter Cartridges

Cellulose Filter Cartridges

  • Metal working, Welding fume

  • Laser cutting fume

  • Sand blasting, Grinding

  • Mining and Gas turbine

  • Wide applications for fine dusts

  • Large airflow with low resistance

  • High efficiency and long life

  • Low cost and easy to recycle


Cellulose air filter cartridges are suitable for fine and high fluidity dust collections such as welding and cutting fume. They can let the dust collector work at very high efficiency while maintain very low resistance throughout the system.

The cellulose filter media have thin thickness and excellent air breathability. They can be pleated into cartridges with largest filter area and uniform pleat spread. This means that they are suitable to work under large airflow and thus make the dust collector size as small as possible.

Types of filter media and treatments:
– Cellulose 100%
– Cellulose/polyester blend
– Flame retardant
– Nano fiber coating

Styles of filter cartridges:
– Cylindrical shape
– Oval shape
– Conical shape





Model O.D. I.D. Length Filter Area
LX/Z 3266 324 mm 213 mm 660 mm 21.00 m2
LX/Z 3566 352 mm 241 mm 660 mm 23.00 m2
LX/Z 3288 324 mm 213 mm 880 mm 27.00 m2
LX/Z 3290 324 mm 213 mm 915 mm 28.00 m2