Cement is a fine powder obtained by burning a mixture of clay and lime at high temperatures into cement clinker and then grinding it. The large amount of dust generated during the cement production process has caused great harm to environmental protection and also caused a huge waste of resources. Cement dust is a highly dispersed dust. Dust is produced in almost every process during the production process. Employees are exposed to high concentrations of dust for a long time, causing a large amount of respiratory dust to directly enter the respiratory tract, causing lung damage. The onset of cement pneumoconiosis is related to contact time, dust concentration and dispersion. Generally, the working age for the onset of cement pneumoconiosis is more than 20 years, and the minimum is 10 years.

Our company’s products provide a full range of dust collector solutions for the cement industry. Including kilns, clinker coolers, polishing machines, coal mills, storage bins, and supporting transmission systems for loading and unloading of bulk cargoes.