During the process in the foundry, dust can be generated during molding sand preparation, modeling, boxing, sand cleaning and grinding wheel processing. Equipment that generates dust includes sand mills, sand screens, sand mixers, belt conveyors, electric arc furnaces, cupolas, shakeout machines, and shot blasting machines. Due to the high dust concentration in foundry production and the large silicon content in the dust, the incidence of silicosis among foundry workers is relatively serious.

Our company has rich management experience and many successful cases in foundry dust control. Strict dust prevention and dust removal measures should be taken for the sand mixing process, cupola smelting process, mechanical vibration sand shakeout process and manual sand cleaning process that are prone to dust generation. Appropriate equipment should be configured for old sand recovery, regeneration and transportation processes and equipment in the production process, for unpacking, sand removal, and shot blasting casting cleaning processes and equipment, and for the transportation and collection processes and equipment of raw materials and waste sand. Dust prevention and dust removal measures. Our company can design solutions based on the actual working conditions at the user’s site and issue scientific and reasonable dust control solutions.