Industrial Fan

Industrial Fan

  • Dust collector equipment

  • Industrial ventilation

  • HVAC systems

  • Workshop air purifier

  • High efficient motors

  • Precision balanced motor blade

  • Compact size, Low noise

  • Years of reliable performance


We are supplying quality, efficient industrial fans, standard or customized for your specific industrial application. Our fans use FEA-assisted design improves the reliability of the structure. The volute and impeller are all steel continuously welded, with high strength and no leakage, which improves operational safety. The application of new shaft and connection technology ensures assembly accuracy and improves product reliability.

Our fan shaft is finely turned and tempered, and the maximum load exceeds the limit speed by 35%, ensuring the safety of long-term continuous operation. The bearing seal can be lubricated, and the service life is greater than 80,000 hours, ensuring the reliability of long-term continuous operation; the driving parts are equipped with protective covers; The whole machine has been vibrated and tested before leaving the factory to ensure that it meets the requirements of long-term smooth and reliable operation.