Some processes in pharmaceutical factories are easy to generate dust, such as: crushing, weighing and mixing of raw materials and excipients to powdering, granulating, tableting, granule packaging, coating and even packaging, dust of different particle sizes will be produced. , and some dust has special properties. When it accumulates to a certain concentration, explosion safety accidents may occur.

When the dust control equipment in the pharmaceutical manufacturing workshop is not working properly and the dust treatment is not timely and in place, the dust is likely to be inhaled into the lungs by the staff, and the alveoli will be damaged. People who work in this environment for a long time will develop pneumoconiosis. Such occupational diseases are more harmful to human health, not only causing harm to workers, but also causing losses to enterprises.

A properly designed and installed dust collection system in a pharmaceutical workshop is an effective solution to pharmaceutical dust problems. Our equipment can effectively control dust while meeting the explosion-proof requirements of EX certification and the safe replacement requirements of filter elements and dust emission devices. It can control energy consumption within a reasonable range, maximize the service life of filters, and control operating costs to the lowest level.