Laser Cutting

In industrial production, laser cutting technology is widely used because of its high efficiency and precision, which provides great convenience for manufacturing in various industries. However, the laser cutting process will produce a large amount of smoke and dust, which will contaminate the precision parts of the cutting head, such as focusing mirrors and reflectors, reducing its optical performance, affecting cutting quality and stability, and long-term accumulation of smoke and dust will also It causes wear and corrosion on the cutting head, shortens its service life, and increases the company’s cost investment.

On the other hand, if these cutting smoke and dust are not dealt with in time, they will also cause great damage to the surrounding environment. In order not to affect the normal production activities and to reduce unnecessary loss in the manufacturing, it is important to install a supporting laser cutting smoke purification system.

Our dust removal equipment has a compact structure, low noise, and high filtration efficiency. Our filters are treated with nano-coating or PTFE coating, and the filtration efficiency for particles of 0.2-2 microns reaches MERV 13 or above. By using our dust collector equipment, we can avoid smoke pollution and wear on the cutting head, extend its service life and stability, improve work efficiency and quality, improve the working environment, and protect the health of operators.