Plastic Industry

Plastic dust is very harmful to the human body. If it is inhaled into the alveoli through the respiratory tract, it can easily cause silicosis over time, and can easily induce tuberculosis or interstitial pulmonary fibrosis. In addition, plastic dust appears continuously or frequently, and the amount is enough to form a flammable dust and air mixture, causing an explosion. Therefore, plastic dust should be dealt with promptly when it appears to avoid causing disaster.

The first source of plastic dust is the crushing of plastic; the second is that wet mist, smoke and dust will be produced during the extrusion molding process and thermal processing of plastic. The generated dust consists of sub-micron smoke and plasticizer released when the plastic is injected or injected into the mold. The size of dust and fine particles depends on the type of plastic, and these dust particles can range from fibrous fragments to rounded spheres.

For plastic dust produced by crushing plastic, it is recommended to choose a cartridge dust collector for processing. The dust generated during the plastic processing process should also be accompanied by the generation of organic waste gas, so on the basis of the cartridge dust collector, a VOC equipment is needed.