Pulse Jet Baghouse Filter

Pulse Jet Baghouse Filter

  • Woodworking, Foundry

  • Cement, Chemical

  • Furnace, Grain

  • Lime, Asphalt

  • Modular design, Easy on-site installation

  • Suitable for High temperature, High humidity, Large particle dusts

  • High-efficiency and long life filter bags

  • Suitable for standard container shipping


Our company’s pulse jet baghouse filter uses needle felt filter bags for filtration and reverse pulse jet technology for dust cleaning. The entire system adopts modular design, which is convenient for mass production and easy to install on site. A single module can be transported in a standard container, which saves transportation costs for foreign customers.




Model Bag Size Bags Filter Area Airflow
M20 Ф130MM * L:2000MM 120 98 M2 10600~14700CMH
M25 Ф130MM * L:2500MM 120 122 M2 13000~18300CMH
M30 Ф130MM * L:3000MM 120 147 M2 15800~22000CMH
M35 Ф130MM * L:3500MM 120 171 M2 18500~25600CMH
M40 Ф130MM * L:4000MM 120 196 M2 21000~29400CMH
M45 Ф130MM * L:4500MM 120 220 M2 23700~33000CMH