Rubber Industry

Dust is one of the main hazards in the rubber product processing industry. During the production and processing process, a large amount of dust is flying in the transportation, crushing, drying, screening, batching, plastic mixing and other positions of various chemical raw materials. The finer the particles of the powder additives required in the rubber product processing industry, the better for dispersion, and they are also easy to fly and diffuse, which often becomes a difficult problem to solve in dust prevention work.

Dust is relatively harmful to the human body. It not only affects the upper respiratory tract, but can also cause diseases such as silicosis, carbon black pneumoconiosis, and talc pneumoconiosis. It has become one of the important factors endangering the health of workers.

In the production process of the rubber products industry, it is necessary to select a suitable dust collector according to the actual situation. Generally speaking, reverse pulse jet clean bag dust collector is the more common choice. This kind of dust collector uses a high-efficiency filter bag. The surface of the filter bag can be singed, glazed, anti-static, and PTFE coated, which can effectively handle sticky, corrosive and abrasive dust. Pulse backflushing can ensure that the filter bag works in the best condition and has a long service life.