Choose Suitable Dust Collector

Which type of dust collector is best suited for your application? This is a very import question you should answer when you are going to purchase a dust collector. To choose a correct type and model of dust collector is complicated and should be done by an expert. If you fail to take into account all the aspects that affect dust collector’s performance and life, your investment on the dust collector system will be a great frustration and loss of the company.

Generally, you must consider the properties of your dusts or fumes to be collected. The properties include particle type and size, dust density, explosiveness, abrasion, moisture, gas density, etc. Besides, you will also have to consider your working conditions such as indoor or outdoor, climate, site space restrictions and operation conditions.

Below is a simple introduction of our dust collectors, their advantages, and disadvantages:
Dust Collector Type Advantages Disadvantages
Pulse Jet Cartridge Collectors High Efficiency Ideal for Fine Dusts Long Life Low Maintenance Low Cost Not Good for High Dust Loading Not Ideal for Abrasive Dusts Can’t Work in High Temperature
Pulse Jet Baghouse Collectors Good for High Loading Ideal for Large Particles Suitable for High Temperature High Cost Consumes Large Space Hard Maintenance Work
Shaker Bag Dust Collector Low Purchase and Operation Cost Low Working Noise Suitable for Large Particles Not Good for Sticky Dusts Not Suitable for Large Airflow Extractions

To use a simple guide, pls to back to our homepage and click the icon of APPLICATION that suits you mostly. We describe the dust properties in this industry and some dust collectors that are often used in the industry. If the information is not enough for you, please free us to contact us for professional advice.

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