Thermal Spray

There are many harmful factors in the thermal spraying process, mainly including: harmful gases, dust, light radiation, radioactive elements, noise, high-frequency electromagnetic fields, and potential fires and explosions. Various spraying and spray melting methods use alloy powder as deposited metal. Metal and alloy powders are heated and melted under the action of high-temperature heat sources. During the process of forming the coating, the powders will inevitably evaporate and splash in the on-site space, and float in the air. These harmful substances are relatively common during thermal spraying work.

The harm of dust and its oxides will accumulate over a long period of time, gradually causing diseases in the human body, such as rhinitis, respiratory diseases, silicosis, etc. In addition, powder is very harmful to electrical equipment and mechanical equipment. For example, when it enters electrical equipment, it will cause the risk of short circuit; if it enters the equipment, it will become abrasive, causing severe wear and tear of the equipment, affecting its accuracy and life.

Our company’s filtration technology is very suitable for filtration of flue gas generated during the thermal spraying process, especially when installed in a dust collector equipped with a nanofiber filter element.