Trailer Mounted Dust Collector

Trailer Mounted Dust Collector

  • Sand blasting, Mine

  • Grinding and polishing

  • Pigment and paint

  • Other portable dust extraction

  • Suitable for dust collection at temporary work sites

  • The equipment comes with an integral tray

  • Standard pulse cleaning system

  • The fan is driven by motor or engine


Glorair trailer dust collector developed by our company is suitable for dust filtration at temporary working points. When needed, the equipment can be moved from site to site using a trailer or forklift. They are ideal for non-stationary work areas such as sandblasting, painting and mining. The dust collector has an integrated design and is equipped with a self-cleaning cartridges and fan extraction system. This dust collector can provide efficient dust filtration in enclosed areas, purify the air, and protect the health of operators.




Model Cartridges Cellulose cartridges Polyester cartridges
P2-4 4 84 m2 37.6 m2
P2-8 8 168 m2 75.2 m2
P3-6 6 126 m2 56.4 m2
P3-12 12 252 m2 112.8 m2
P3-18 18 378 m2 169.2 m2
P3-24 24 504 m2 225.6 m2