Long-term exposure of woodworking workers to wood chips can cause many types of health problems, including mucosal and non-allergic respiratory problems and cancer. Workers are more likely to develop allergic reactions if they are exposed to dust for long periods of time or at low concentrations. Without proper protections, workers with health problems can sue for compensation.

Wood dust can also cause a fire hazard in the workplace. A single spark can cause a dust explosion, leading to potential lawsuits and irreparable damage to expensive property, which is why you need to take steps to eliminate this hazard.

The way to eliminate health and fire hazards in wood processing facilities is to use an efficient dust collection system. Our dust collection equipment is suitable for dust collection in various wood processing, including sawing, grinding, and sanding. Our dust collection equipment has passed EX explosion-proof certification. We have flameless explosion relief devices, explosion isolation valves and other safety equipment to ensure that your woodworking processes are efficient and safe.