Modular Baghouse Dust Collector

Product: Modular Baghouse Dust Collector


Main Features:

  • Modular design, easy installation on site
  • Standard container loading for the entire system
  • Low resistance high efficient needle felt bags
  • Minimum maintenance and tool-free maintenance


Typical Applications:

  • Woodworking, Foundry
  • Cement, Chemical,
  • Furnace, Grain
  • Lime, Asphalt


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Product Overview:

Our modular baghouse dust collectors use needle felt bags for filtering and reverse pulse compressed air to clean the bag filters. After the dust loading gas inters the filter chamber, the dusts are filtered on the surface of bags, and clean air is discharged from the top of the filter bags. When the differential pressure across the bags reaches a certain value, the compressed air will be blown into the center of bags through nozzles, leading the surrounding air into the bags. The expansion force inside the bags will blow off the dusts on the bag surfaces. The bags restore their pressure drop and recover the filtration performance.

Product Features:

The total system is modular design. Each modular can be shipped in a standard container, which greatly saves the shipping freight.

Most components pre-installed in factory to minimize installation on site. No welding work is required on site, which allows quickest erection of system.

Low resistance high efficient needle felt bags ensure the baghouse system work under lowest energy consumption.

Advanced pulse clean technology makes the compressed air consumption to a minimum, effectively reduces the operation cost.

Special deflector chamber on the inlet entry effectively knock down the large particles to hopper directly. Protecting the bags and increasing their lives.

Each modular is available in different height to accommodate different airflow. Inlet and outlet are special designed to achieve optimal airflow.

Minimum maintenance and tool-free maintenance for filter bags & cages. Easy bag access doors on top of dust collectors.

Single Module to Multi Modules Construction:

Baghouse Single Module to Multimodule

Famous Component Brands:

Baghouse System Components

Specification Table:

Model Bag Size Bags Filter Area Airflow
M20 Ф130MM * L:2000MM 120 98 M2 10600~14700CMH
M25 Ф130MM * L:2500MM 120 122 M2 13000~18300CMH
M30 Ф130MM * L:3000MM 120 147 M2 15800~22000CMH
M35 Ф130MM * L:3500MM 120 171 M2 18500~25600CMH
M40 Ф130MM * L:4000MM 120 196 M2 21000~29400CMH
M45 Ф130MM * L:4500MM 120 220 M2 23700~33000CMH

Modular Baghouse Dust Collector Building