Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collector

Product: Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collector


Main Features:

  • Widest dust extraction applications
  • Compact structure saving floor space
  • Full automatic jet clean cartridges
  • Controlled fan noise below 75 dB


Typical Applications:

  • Metal Working
  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Laser Cutting
  • Welding Fume


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Product Overview:

Glorair horizontal cartridge dust collectors use gravity and downward airflow to achieve self-clean and reduce pressure across the cartridge filters. They collect airborne contaminants from industrial processes varying from welding and metal working to chemical and pharmaceutical processing. The units can be used in almost every manufacturing processes and efficiently control pollution levels. They are economical, easy installation and maintenance. These cartridge collectors are especially suitable for fine and low dust loading extractions.

Working Principle:

During normal operation, dust-laden air enters the unit through the dirty-air inlet. Airflow is directed downward through the collector and heavier particulate falls directly into the hopper. The cartridges remove fine particulate and clean filtered air passes through the cartridges to the clean-air plenum and discharges through the clean-air outlet.

Filter cleaning is completed by pulse-jet technology. A solenoid and diaphragm valve aligned to each row of filters provides the pulse cleaning. The cleaning sequence starts at the top filter row and continues down through each row. Remove, inspect, or change the cartridges from outside the unit by removing the filter access cover and sliding the filters out.

Cartridge dust collector working principle

System Diagram:

Cartridge dust collector front view.

Cartridge dust collector back view

Cartridge Filter Applications:

Cartridge Dust Collector Applications

Easy Cartridge Change-Out:

Cartridge dust collector easy cartridge change out

Excellent Noise Control:

Cartridge dust collector excellent noise control

Ledgeless Structure Design:

Cartridge dust collector ledgeless structure

Famous Component Brands:

Cartridge dust collector components

Specification Table:

Polyester Filter Area
Cellulose Filter Area
X 3-12
112.8 M2
192 M2
7200~9600 CMH
X 3-24
225.6 M2
384 M2
14400~19200 CMH
X 3-36
338.4 M2
576 M2
21600~28800 CMH
X 3-48
451.2 M2
768 M2
28800~38400 CMH
X 3-60
564 M2
960 M2
36000~48000 CMH
X 3-72
676.8 M2
1152 M2
43200~57600 CMH
X 4-16
150.4 M2
256 M2
9600~12800 CMH
X 4-32
300.8 M2
512 M2
19200~25600 CMH
X 4-48
451.2 M2
768 M2
28800~38400 CMH
X 4-64
601.6 M2
1024 M2
38400~51200 CMH
X 4-80
752 M2
1280 M2
57600~76800 CMH

Cartridge Collector Test