Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collector

  • Welding and Other Metal Working

  • Laser Cutting Fume

  • Sand Blast Room

  • Thermal Spray

  • Pharmaceutical and Food

  • Suitable for dust collections from most industrial processes

  • Very compact construction, Consuming smallest floor space

  • Most of components pre-installed before shipping, Very simple install on site

  • Optimized fan noise control technology, Suitable for indoor opration

Product Overview

Glorair horizontal cartridge dust collector uses gravity and downward airflow to achieve self-cleaning. Since it can effectively reduce the operating resistance of the cartridge filters, combined with reverse pulse jet cleaning technology, the cartridges can continuously and efficiently collect dusts for a long time. This equipment is widely used in industrial processes and can collect fumes from welding and metal processing, and recover dusts in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. This cartridge collector is suitable for most industrial processes and can effectively control emission. This equipment is economical and practical, easy to install and maintain; the cartridge filters can be replaced from outside the equipment, no need to enter the equipment or directly contact with dust, making the replacement simple and clean.

The main working principle of the equipment: the fan extracts air to generate negative pressure, and the dust-containing gas is sucked into the dust collector through the air inlet; due to the effect of the equipment structure and gravity, the dust-containing airflow flows directly downward, and the heavier dust directly falls into the hopper and bin. The cartridge filters collect fine dusts on the surface of the filter media, and the clean air flows out through the center of the cartridges into the clean air chamber, and then is discharged from the air outlet of the dust collector.

When the filter cartridges are dirty and need cleaning, the pulse valves blow compressed air to the center of cartridges. When compressed air is sprayed into the filter cartridge, the surrounding air is introduced into the filter cartridge at the same time. The air inside the filter cartridge expands to generate pressure, passes through the filter material, and blows off the dusts on the surface. The blown dust falls downward to the hopper in the bottom under the action of gravity and airflow. The filtration and collection of dusts finally completes.

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Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collector
Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collector
Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collector
Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collector


Model Cartridges Polyester Filter Area Cellulose Filter Area Airflow
X 3-12 12 112.8 M2 192 M2 7200~9600 CMH
X 3-24 24 225.6 M2 384 M2 14400~19200 CMH
X 3-36 36 338.4 M2 576 M2 21600~28800 CMH
X 3-48 48 451.2 M2 768 M2 28800~38400 CMH
X 3-60 60 564 M2 960 M2 36000~48000 CMH
X 3-72 72 676.8 M2 1152 M2 43200~57600 CMH
X 3-72 72 676.8 M2 1152 M2 43200~57600 CMH
X 4-16 16 150.4 M2 256 M2 9600~12800 CMH
X 4-32 32 300.8 M2 512 M2 19200~25600 CMH
X 4-48 48 451.2 M2 768 M2 28800~38400 CMH
X 4-64 64 601.6 M2 1024 M2 38400~51200 CMH
X 4-80 80 752 M2 1280 M2 57600~76800 CMH