Rotary Valves

Product: Rotary Valves


Construction Material:

  • Carbon steel / Stainless steel


Drive Type:

  • Direct drive / Chain & Sprocket drive


Typical Applications:

  • Bulk handling
  • Dust collector equipment


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Product Overview:

Rotary valves are special equipment applicable for unloading, packing, mixing, dust collection, metering, rationing conveying of solid materials (powder, particles and its mixtures) conveying system. Materials can be discharged equably and continuously to the downstream unit according to the conveying system requirements.

Product Features:

Suitable for handling various bulk materials and working conditions

Special shell inlet/outlet design to prevent particles from extrusion, blocking and shear breaking

Excellent seals between rotors and shells to ensure reliable performance and easy maintenance

Exhaust passage and exhaust nozzle is designed for pressure balance inside the shell to improve working efficiency without materials accumulation

Shell and impeller with special structure design to convey very hard, high viscosity, high temperature, electrostatic and supper fine materials

Capable of handling food grade and drug grade materials

Types of Rotors:

Rotary valve rotor

Rotary valve rotor

Rotary valve rotor

Key Component Brands:

Famous Rotary Valve Components

Model & Specification Table:

Model Capacity Motor Power Rotation Square Flange Round Flange
2L 2 L/R 0.55 KW 24 R/Min 150*150mm Ф150mm
4L 4 L/R 0.55 KW 24 R/Min 180*180mm Ф180mm
6L 6 L/R 0.55 KW 24 R/Min 200*200mm Ф200mm
8L 8 L/R 0.75 KW 24 R/Min 220*220mm Ф220mm
10L 10 L/R 0.75 KW 24 R/Min 240*240mm Ф240mm
12L 12 L/R 1.1 KW 24 R/Min 260*260mm Ф260mm
14L 14 L/R 1.1 KW 24 R/Min 280*280mm Ф280mm
16L 16 L/R 1.1 KW 24 R/Min 300*300mm Ф300mm
18L 18 L/R 1.1 KW 24 R/Min 320*320mm Ф320mm
20L 20 L/R 1.1 KW 24 R/Min 340*340mm Ф340mm
26L 26 L/R 2.2 KW 24 R/Min 400*400mm Ф400mm
30L 30 L/R 2.2 KW 24 R/Min 440*440mm Ф440mm
36L 36 L/R 3.0 KW 24 R/Min 500*500mm Ф500mm
40L 40 L/R 4.0 KW 24 R/Min 540*540mm Ф540mm
46L 46 L/R 4.0 KW 24 R/Min 600*600mm Ф600mm
56L 56 L/R 5.5 KW 24 R/Min 700*700mm Ф700mm
66L 66 L/R 7.5 KW 24 R/Min 800*800mm Ф800mm

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