Shaker Bag Dust Collector

Product: Shaker Bag Dust Collector


Main Features:

  • A self-contained dust collector system requires minimum installation
  • No need for expensive compressed air to clean bags
  • Up to 110 Sq.m filter area for large air extraction
  • Standard fan acoustic chamber for low operation noise


Typical Applications:

  • Woodworking, Saw dust
  • Pharmaceutical, Food
  • Metal working
  • Mixing, Grinding


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Product Overview:

Glorair shaker bag dust collectors are self-contained dust extractor with integrated filter bag chamber, fan chamber and bag shaker mechanism. With our featured design, our shaker bag dust collectors are offering best filtering performance in various industrial applications. The filtration dusts range from fine dusts to large ones. Thanks to the compact structure, very quiet operation and needless of compressed air, they have been an ideal choice for intermittent and small airflow dust extractions.

Product Features:

Filter bags are cleaned by mechanical shaker motor automatically, no need for compressed air.

No noisy pulse jet cleaning during the operation of the unit.

Standard acoustic fan chamber controls fan noise down to 75 dB.

Wide range configurations suitable for small and large air flow extractions.

Optional separate fan chamber design for installation in low ceiling workshop.

Standard weather cowl on top so that the units are suitable for outdoor installations.

Special dust bin lift available for easy dust dispose.

Not only suitable for industries, but also suitable for school, R/D institutes.

Operation Explanation:

Shaker Bag Dust Collector Working Principle

System Diagram:

Shaker Bag Dust Collector Front View

Shaker Bag Dust Collector Back View

Dust Bin Styles:

Dust Bin Styles


Famous Component Brands:

Famous Dust Collector Components


Specification Table:

Model Airflow (CMH) Filter Area (M2) Power (KW) Dust Bin
Z10 2400 10 3 1
Z20 3600 20 5.5 1
Z30 5400 30 7.5 1
Z40 7200 40 15 1
Z50 9000 50 15 1
Z60 10800 60 18.5 1
Z70 12600 70 22 1
Z80 14400 80 22 2
Z90 16200 90 30 2
Z100 18000 100 37 2
Z110 19800 110 45 2


Bag Collector Test

Dust Collector Pressure Test

Dust Collector Pressure Test


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