Small Cartridge Dust Collector

Product: Small Cartridge Dust Collector


Main Features:

  • A self-contained dust collector requires minimum installation
  • Very compact structure saving floor space
  • Special acoustic design to control noise below 75dB
  • Optional built-in air compressor available
  • Optional explosion release vent available


Typical Applications:

  • Welding and other Metal Working
  • Grinding, Polishing
  • Plasma & Laser Cutting Fume
  • Abrasive Blast, Food
  • Thermal Spray


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Product Overview:

Small cartridge dust collectors are designed for small airflow dust and fume extractions. Compared to large cartridge collectors, small cartridge collector features small size and easy installation. Most of the components have already been installed before delivery. What you have to do is to raise them up and connect with air ducts and power wires. Where there is no compressed air available, these units can be delivered with built-in air compressors.

System Diagram:

Small Cartridge Collector Front View

Small Cartridge Collector Back View

Cartridge Filter Applications:

Cartridge Dust Collector Applications

Typical Installation:



Easy Cartridge Change-Out:

Cartridge dust collector easy cartridge change out

Excellent Noise Control:

Cartridge dust collector excellent noise control

Ledgeless Structure Design:

Cartridge dust collector ledgeless structure

Built-in Air Compressor:

Built-in Air Compressor

Famous Component Brands:

Small Cartridge Collector Famous Components

Outer Dimensions:

Cartridge Collector Outer Dimensions

Cartridge Collector Outer Dimensions

Specification Table:

Model Cartridges Filter Area 1* Filter Area 2* Airflow Fan
S2 2 pcs 30 m2 64 m2 1800~2400cmh 3~4.0Kw
S4 4 pcs 60 m2 128 m2 3600~4800cmh 5.5~7.5Kw
S6 6 pcs 90 m2 192 m2 5400~7200cmh 11Kw
S8 8 pcs 120 m2 256 m2 7200~9600cmh 11~15Kw

* 1) Spun bond polyester filter  2) Cellulose filter

Cartridge Collector Test