Workshop Air Purifier

Product: Workshop Air Purifier


Main Features:

  • Largest air flow to 4000M3/H
  • Efficiently capture airborne particles and virus
  • Efficiently kill airborne bacteria and virus
  • Plug-and-play operation
  • Low working noise


Typical Applications:

  • Industrial Workshop, Kitchen
  • Meeting Room, Canteen
  • Hospital, Lounge
  • Shopping Mall, Gym
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Product Overview:

Glorair workshop air purifier removes all particles, bacteria and virus in the air and delivers healthy air for people inside the workshop. Thanks to its large airflow capacity, it is suitable for getting clean air for industrial and commercial applications. The air purifier has two basic functions: one is capturing particles, bacteria and virus; the other is killing the bacteria and virus by UV-C light and ozone gas. The unit has flexible clean air supply solution that will meet your specific working conditions and requirements.

How it works?

Step 1: Extraction and Capture


HEPA filters capture more than 99.97% of PM2.5 particles, germs and corona virus in the air.

Step 2: Inactivation and Kill


UV light and ozone inactivate and kill all the germs and virus captured on the filters.

Working Mode Types


Type A : Clean Air Circulation in the Room


Type B : Clean Air Supply through Air Duct


Type C : Bring Fresh Air from Outdoor


Type D : Fresh Air Circulation in the Room


Air Purifier Applications

Equipment Standard Features & Optional Components

Product name Workshop Air Purifier
Model F4000
Construction material Mild Steel Thickness: 4mm
Total airflow 4000CMH 2350CFM
Air filter type HEPA filter Efficiency: H13
Total filter number 2
Total filter area 35.62 M2
Purifying Area From 300M² to 600M²
Centrifugal fan Standard Power: 3000W
Fan noise control Standard Acoustic fan chamber
Clean air diffuser Standard Mounted on top
UV light Standard Power: 200W
UV light auto-off timer Standard
Filter pressure gauge Standard Mounted in the front
Filter high pressure alarm Standard
Push button control panel Standard
Touch screen control panel Optional
DOL fan starter Standard Fixed fan speed
VSD fan starter Optional Variable fan speed
Fresh air inlet kit Optional c/w slide gate
Ozone generator Optional
Painting color Light Ivory Color code: RAL1015
Net Weight 950kg
Outer Dimensions W1000mm/D900mm/H2060mm Excluding air diffuser
W1000mm/D900mm/H2690mm Including air diffuser
Wood pallet packing Optional


Air Virus Filter Test

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